How To Choose The Best Digital Camera Lens

Photography is an art and anyone who wants to produce the most compelling images must have the right equipment. Today, the most important tool that a photographer should have is a reliable digital camera and a powerful camera lens. While the camera processes the image, it’s the lens that provides clear and sharp photos. The lens is an important element in getting good photographs. That’s why, you need to choose a good camera lens, but that can be a daunting task since there are various types of camera lenses on the market.

What Model Of Lens Should I Buy?

I would suggest that you only stick with well-known lens manufacturers like Canon, Nikon and Pentax. Before you buy a camera lens, it would be wise to check it first if it’s compatible with your camera. Sometimes, camera lenses can be a bit expensive and it’s hard to justify their cost for just a small increase in quality. You need to do a lot of research first before choosing a model that is perfect for your camera.

What Type of Camera Lens Should I Choose?

Actually, the most common types of camera lenses are: Normal, Wide Angle and Telephoto. These lenses are determined through their focal length. The focal length is the amount of magnification it can produce as well as the angle of view the lens can see. Therefore, you can differentiate if a lens is a:

  • Zoom Lens – Its focal view is between 50mm to 150mm

  • Traditional – 50mm

  • Wide Angle – this particular lens has small magnification but a wider angle of view. So, it’s between 20mm to 35mm

  • Telephoto – this lens has narrow angle of view but high magnification. Between 105mm to 300mm

Where Should I Buy My Camera Lens?

Most people would go to malls or local photography shops to search for a particular type of lens, but there are specialised online stores like Clifton Cameras that can offer a wide variety of camera lenses. Not to mention that they are more affordable than their offline counterparts. It’s also more convenient to buy online, because they will deliver the item/s directly to your home.  

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  1. It's very detailed and direct to the point. And yes, I agree with you, we should only stick to the well known brands for cameras and lenses.


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