Porsche 911 - Speedster on the Freeway

A Unique Sports Coupe: Porsche 911

When you’re talking about a sports car that has set the standard for handling and performance, then you’re referring to the Porsche 911. For nearly four decades, this two-door sports coupe has inspired drivers all over the world. For a rear-engine car, the 911 has one persistent competition on the market – and that is the Nissan GT-R. Although, when it comes to European cars, no other sports car has matched the fierce handling of the 911on the road.

Since its introduction in 1963, The Porsche 911 has made several changes in both design and engine components. The core form of the original 911 was established with a sloping hood, bulging fender and a fastback. This particular design has set the look of the 911 since the beginning. However, there were some significant generational changes in the engine when they added the four-wheel drive option, ABS brakes, deploying rear spoiler and power steering. These changes we’re done to improve the performance and handling of the 911 a bit further.

For the fourth-generation which is commonly known as the 996 series, the 911shifted to water-cooled engine. It also made several major changes on its exterior design but the look, feel and spirit of the original Porsche 911 in the 60’s is still on the body of this awesome sports car. The price for the basic variant runs from $77,800 up to $245,000 for the upgraded models. Depending on the buyer’s preference, most upgraded models come with a super-charged turbo engine that can rival the speed of most super cars in the industry.

This year, a new model has joined the Porsche line-up and its selling point is a new feature in traction technology. The Carrera 4 and the 4s variant has pushed the dynamic characteristic of the 911 to a new level. It also boasts an adaptive cruise control system and for its safety feature, it has a forward collision avoidance alarm.  Although, it may not have the futuristic design of a Lamborghini Aventador or the aura of a Ferrari 458 Italia – it sure has the appeal of a unique speedster that has awed many people on the road.

The Porsche 911 series is the still on the top 5 list of the most salable super cars in the auto industry. No wonder, rich men who have the passion for speed and glory would still want to own a 911 and it will always have a place in their luxurious garage.

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  1. This is just very gorgeous car. I am always interested in cars.



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