Desktop, Laptop or Tablet PC?

If your desktop PC has finally bit the dust and you’re now faced with the daunting decision of which tech to replace it with, don’t sweat the small stuff. We are here to guide you through the maze of options.

Bring in the hot, younger model
This option may sit more comfortably with you, as you are sticking with what you know but get to enjoy new advancements in technology. On average, desktops are cheaper to buy and have more power and features. All the components are replaceable and there is no battery to worry about, plus the added bonus that there is a lower risk of theft. If working from home, this could be the best choice as you can sit yourself in a comfy chair and enjoy a computer that gives you a wide screen and a large amount of memory. Negatives are that they are not portable (without a lot of dismantling and lugging around) and take up much more space than a laptop or tablet PC. 

From desk to lap in one fell swoop
Changing your desktop to a laptop will give you the feeling of passing your driving test. Finally, you have freedom! A laptop has the majority of positives that a desktop PC boasts, but has the portability to take your computer on the move. You can check your emails, complete work, chat online and play video games anywhere and anytime. Whether you fancy taking your work into the fresh air or want to browse the internet while lying in bed, the laptop gives you the choice of where. Negatives include giving up the amount of power associated with a desktop and the cost of a laptop can be much more expensive. Unlike a desktop, the laptop has everything built-in so parts that need replacing cannot be switched over as easily. 

A pill that is easy to swallow
Tablet PC’s are the new must-have toy that is captivating all ages. Whether you’re playing on an alphabet app at the age of two or listening to your favourite music in your 90’s this is a piece of tech that never fails to amuse. Like the laptop, the tablet has the bonus of portability and the touchscreen capability gives a much more interactive feel. Your tablet will fit easily in your everyday bag and is great for the information enthusiast who just has to know the answer to something right away. Effortlessly simple to use and as light as one pound to carry, the tablet is an all-rounder. There are a few negatives though, when comparing to the laptop and the desktop. Tablets do not have the hardware available with the other options, and for those who hate to type with a touchscreen you could find yourself yearning for the full keyboards of the laptops and desktops. They are also more fragile and much more desirable for would-be thieves who spy your new purchase left unattended. 

So there’s the main points for each piece of tech, laying out the good, the bad and the ugly of desktops, laptops and tablet PC’s. Which you decide on all depends on the specifications you hold most dear. If you want a system that is all about power, cost efficiency and a large screen then the desktop is your boy, but if being as portable as possible is your main need then the tablet is your new best friend. For a happy medium you also have the trusty laptop which combines a nice balance of functionality and portability. For a fantastic selection of all three, why not visit Viking Direct so you can browse price and specifications for each bit of technology.


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