The Great Kinect Experience

The Best Way To Get Kinect-ed

If you think that video game consoles are all time sink devices with no possible benefits – then you better open your mind and discover the evolution of video gaming today. The need to interact within the game has pushed Microsoft to produce a motion sensing input device, which is commonly known as Kinect and exclusively created for the Xbox 360. Although, the Kinect has been around for quite some time now, it is still a great gadget for people who are seeking the best gaming experience. Actually, Kinect is just one of the motion sensing devices on the gaming market while other competing devices such as Wii Remote Plus and PlayStation Move vie for the top position.

Playing games using gestures and spoken commands is one of the best ways to enjoy a more interactive video game, rather than just using a gaming pad which is a bit mediocre and boring. Kinect sets the standard when they sold 8 million units in just a matter of 60 days. This feat gave them the Guinness World Record for being the fastest selling electronic device on the market. Xbox 360 also allows players to compete with other individuals through their network. So, you can compete with other Kinect players online – opening the doors into a more competitive gaming arena.

The best thing about this device is that it is tied-up with games that are significant to your health and wellness. I found several fitness games that provide a regimen that you can follow on a daily basis. Although most of these games are not on the graphics side, they still serve their purpose by inspiring you to exercise every day. Since they have tables and graphs that you can use to monitor your progress. If you also want a more combat-oriented type of games; you can play MMA or Boxing on Kinect. Though, prepare to shed some sweat if you’re planning to play these games, because they are really physically-intensive games.

The Xbox 360 Kinect is a great gadget to have, especially if you’re an avid console gamer and the cost for the device may not come cheap but the fun factor and health benefits it provide will definitely cover for its price tag. Overall, it’s a must buy for gamers like me!


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