Sponsored Video: The Interactive Samsung Galaxy Camera

The Interactive Samsung Galaxy Camera
The Interactive Samsung Galaxy Camera
Our technology today has allowed us to enjoy the benefits of smartphones, smart watches, e-tablets and even smart TV. We are more connected now through these gadgets and we continue to move forward with other innovative mobile devices. As a matter of fact, Samsung has already leveraged the power of social media and the Internet on their latest smart camera. If you think you’ve seen it all - better think again! This new smart camera is the first of its kind and its features are never before seen on the market. If I piqued your interest then you better read on – you’ll be amazed by this camera.

For starters, we all know that Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile devices that offer cutting edge technology at a more competitive price. So, you can expect that the latest Samsung Galaxy Camera can provide the perfect shot for any given situation. Even James Franco who is a seasoned actor, director, writer and painter prefer the Samsung Galaxy Camera for its unique features. He even collaborated with Samsung to promote the world’s first truly connected camera.

Connectivity is an important factor in any mobile device today, and this is also the main reason why the Galaxy Camera is the only digital camera that combines 3G/4G connectivity. It even uses the latest operating system for touchscreen mobile devices – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. I would have to say, this is the ultimate digital camera for “Multitaskers” and here are some of the features that can support that claim:
  • 21X Optical Zoom
  • Photo Wizard 
  •  Buddy Photo Share 
  •  Slow Motion Video
Using this smart camera is a breeze and every shot you take can be easily edited and shared anywhere using the Internet. You can even save and backup your precious images through Dropbox, which is a great app included on the camera. Overall, I highly recommend Samsung Galaxy Camera for its ground-breaking features and social-oriented capabilities.

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  1. that's definitely a very interesting camera... how much is in right now? I'm sure there are people who are wondering about its price...

  2. I am really eyeing that samsung camera for my socialmedia activities


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