Ferrari 458 Italia – For The Racing Purist

The Perks Of Ferrari 458 Italia

When you’re a millionaire, one of the first things you will buy is a brand new vehicle, and not just another car but a super car… You can choose from the different high performance cars on the market or you can go for the “Red Passion.” So, when you’re a racing purist – you will want a Ferrari on your exclusive garage. Ferrari doesn’t need much introduction when it comes to elegance, speed and passion transformed into an automotive powerhouse that is synonymous to a person’s wealth or success. Enzo Ferrari founded this company on 1929 as a race car manufacturer and later shifted to produce street legal vehicles.

Ferrari is known as a regular participant on the F-1 circuit since the beginning, and founded its legacy through victories it made in the name of the company.  As of now, the most sought-after model from Ferrari is the 458 Italia, a mid-engined sports car and now officially the company’s champion. The reason why it is the most celebrated super car on the automotive world is not just because of its name… but the technology Ferrari has incorporated on this car, which they also used in their Formula 1 models.

The current success that the 458 Italia enjoys came from both its critics and enthusiastic fans alike – it made a significant impression that gave it the “World Performance Car of the Year” and “Car of the Year” awards from respectable automotive critics like Robb Report and the New York Times.  It also won the “Fast Car of the Year” award from a TV program - Fifth Gear.

Now let’s go inside this super car and discover why they call it – “The Sexiest Super Car” on the golden road. We first go to its soul and that would be the engine. The 458 Italia is powered by a V8 engine approximately 4.5 L producing 570 PS at 9,000 rpm. It is a direct fuel injection, and the first of its kind among mid-engine setup that Ferrari has ever produced. When it comes to transmission, the 458 features a dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox (GETRAG), this particular model is not offered in manual transmission.

Its handling is super smooth, because it utilizes a double wishbones suspension at the front along with a multi-link at its rear, coupled with an F-1 Trac or traction control systems. This particular component is designed to improve the car’s performance when doing corners and longitudinal acceleration. 

The overall performance of a 458 Italia has been established in an official Ferrari race track, and here are its track records. 

0-100 km/h (approximately 62mph) - top acceleration is done under 3.4 seconds
325 km/h (202 mph) - recorded top speed
13.3 L/100km – fuel consumption

You may want to know the price tag of this particular car, so here it is - $229,825 (approximately Php 9,193,000). In reality, when you’re in the Philippines, you can only afford something like this if you’re a successful businessman, cunning politician or a legendary boxer… like the Pacman!!

Video Credits: TheSmokingTire


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